Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair removal has become a beauty taboo nowadays. Upper lip, chin and side of the face are the most common areas where you can find unwanted facial hair.  What people find as beautiful are the flawless and hairless face.
There are now countless ways to have your facial hair removed. Anyone can benefit from facial hair removal. If you are beauty conscious, then go for it.

Different methods of facial hair removal

  • Shaving – Shaving is easy, cheap and painless method of facial hair removal. This process trims off hair at skin level; it leaves the skin smooth for at least 24 hours. The only problem with shaving is that the hair tends to grow thicker and faster.
    Side effects: Minor cuts, ingrown hair.
  • Depilatory Creams – This facial hair removal process can be done at home. Facial hair removal creams are applied on the skin and left for a few minutes. When the cream is removed, the hair comes away too. The disadvantage is that hair grows easily (few days to 2 weeks) and may cause skin irritation.
    Side effects: Allergies and chemical dermatitis.
  • Waxing – This facial hair removal method is quick, easy and readily available. Wax is applied on the area; strips are then applied and pulled off taking the hair with it. Hair grows again after 2 to 6 weeks. The drawback is that waxing can cause skin discoloration so it is not advisable for dark skinned people. It can also cause rashes but it will not damage the skin.
    Side effect: Burns.
  • Threading  – Threading is a natural way of facial hair removal. A cotton thread is manipulated by a practitioner to make a series of knots, when it runs over the skin; it pulls hair out from its roots. It takes 2 to 6 weeks before hair regrows. This is advantageous because not only it is quick and cheap but also limits growth over time because it damages the follicle.
    Side effect: Ingrown hair, pain, skin irritation.
  • Laser – This stops the hair from growing by transmitting a laser beam on the area affected. The laser beam destroys the hair follicle. This facial hair removal procedure ensures that the hair will never grow back but it will take about 6 to 8 treatments before this is achieved. After the procedure, the skin must be covered so as to prevent discoloration of the skin. The disadvantage is that it is painful and may take a long time. Each session should be done four weeks apart.
    Side effect: Swelling, redness, pain, skin discoloration.
  • Intense Pulsated Light – This facial hair removal treatment is the same as that of laser hair removal, but this uses several light wavelengths whereas in laser hair removal only one wavelength is used. This facial hair removal procedure ensures that hair will not grow back or if it does, it will be finer and thinner. It is more preferable over laser hair removal because it is not painful. The problem is it is expensive and it takes a lot of time (1 to 3 months in between facial hair removal treatment).
    Side effect: Swelling, redness.
  • Electrolysis – Electrolysis is a method of giving electric shock through a fine sterile needle that is inserted in the follicle. Through the electric shocks, the hair is killed because it cuts off the oxygen and blood supply. The best thing about this is that it is permanent of facial hair removal, though you may need several sessions to achieve it. The problem is, it is time consuming and tedious. Since you will need multiple sessions, the treatment is costly.
    Side effects: Swelling, redness, pain, scars, pigment changes, keloid formation.


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